Switch On Switch Off is originated from all-public workshops we did during certain Dorkbot Paris events.

The Switch On Switch Off workshops taking place in 2011 during Transmediale, FutureEverything and Cynetart are part of a research study in the SiDE program at Culture Lab. http://www.side.ac.uk

Thanks to the SiDE program at Culture Lab, we are able to take it to the next level. This workshop-as-a-festival-stand will unleash the creative power of dozens of innocent people ;-)

We are artists and nerds, we love low-tech and mid-tech hacking, we love teaching and sharing. We believe prototyping is a great way of learning.

Contact us using http://twitter.com/juliendorra (activate Javascript to see the email instead)

Joëlle Bitton is a creative researcher at Culture Lab Newcastle University. Her artistic practice has lately focused on body and movement used as interfaces in interactive installations, and also on technologies mediating relationships. She studied history of techniques and their influence on social and political projects. She co-organizes Dorkbot Paris. 

Julien Dorra co-organizes ArtGame weekend, teaches at Paris 1 La Sorbonne and Léonard de Vinci. He recently setup the mentoring program for Le Camping, the first startup accelerator in France. He also co-organizes Dorkbot Paris. He currently has two ongoing art projects, Le Sac à Main and Blind Model.
You should follow Julien on twitter here: @juliendorra